About us

At Baby Handy Childcare Centre (Baby Handy), we are focused on providing a place for children to grow through playing and learning. Our approach is helping to build a better world for the children who will shape tomorrow by focusing on 3 developmental goals to ensure your child(ren):

  • Believe in him or herself
  • Learn all the time
  • Is exploring the world

Our focus is on 3months – 6-year-olds and we have a welcoming, supportive and accessible places where children and their caregivers can play and learn together. During these formative years, children are not just absorbing knowledge, they are building their personality, developing their diverse forms of intelligence and understanding how they relate to others and the world.

At Baby Handy, we put safety first to protect our children, staff and family, ensuring our staff adequately takes all necessary precautions to ensure safety of everyone.

We are passionate about educating the Children that will shape tomorrow’s world. Our services are focused on provision of high-quality daycare and after-school programs and our believe are as follows;

  • Every child is different from another.
  • Children learn best when they are actively involved with people, materials, ideas and events.
  • Early learning and care programs should provide positive and healthy environments and be inclusive of all children.
  • Every child has a natural desire to learn.
  • Parents/guardians are the most important caregivers for their children.